No matter the nature of your business or the customers you service, Alliant can meet your specific needs with our versatile processing solutions.


NuSource Capital offers small to mid-size businesses the flexibility needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. Borrow up to $300,000 for renovations, new equipment, expansion, marketing campaigns, emergencies, special events- many of the needs that companies experience in day-to-day operations. Contact us to find out if you qualify!

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We will contact you to complete the qualification paperwork.


We will notify you when approved.


Upon approval, funds are electronically transferred into your business bank account.


Payments are made through daily deductions from your business bank account or split funded from your credit card deposits.


Receive funding today and repayment comes thru automatic weekday payments withdrawn out of your checking account or split funded by a daily payment amount from your credit card processor out of each credit card batch.

Businesses may qualify for a flexible payment plan where it is a fixed percentage of your fluctuating daily credit/debit card sales.

Merchant Advance Funding – Your business agrees to sell an agreed upon dollar amount of its future credit/debit card sales at a discount. Once you have received approval, your business will receive a lump sum of working capital as the purchase price. The money can be used for any business purpose. There are no checks to write. Through an automated process, when you “batch out” your credit/debit card sales, the processor split funds and automatically forwards the agreed-upon percentage of funds. The percentage received from the business’ daily credit/debit card sales remains fixed. This means that on a day where credit/debit card sales are up, the retrieved amount is a little higher, but on days when credit/debit card sales are lower, the retrieved amount will go down accordingly. The percentage retrieved is fixed, not the amount retrieved. We are paid when you are paid.  

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